GNZMS 275, Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland City Libraries

GNZMS 275, Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland City Libraries

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GNZMS 275, Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland City Libraries

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Addresses presented to Sir George Grey, K.C.B. by the European and Māori residents in the Province of Auckland on his seventy-fourth birthday, April 14th, 1886

Ref No: GNZMS 275
Date Created: 1886

Since the 1850s, illuminated addresses have been created to mark special occasions or celebrate a person’s achievements. An address is a formal greeting, usually beautifully written and decorated by hand. Often the decoration is personalized and includes miniature pictures relating to the life and work of the person who is being honoured.

The word "illuminated" refers to the use of gold and silver and bright colours to light up the pages, in the tradition of medieval illuminated manuscripts. In the nineteenth century there was a renewal of interest in the Middle Ages and, at first glance, many illuminated addresses look like a medieval page.

The addresses to Sir George Grey were presented to him on his 74th birthday by the residents of the Provincial District of Auckland.

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