Site Acknowledgements

The Grey Collection website owes much of its presence to the Sir George Grey Special Collections team at Auckland Libraries. We are especially grateful to Team Leader and Printed Collections Librarian, Georgia Prince, and Manuscript Collections Librarian, Kate de Courcy. Thank you also to Ian Snowdon, Iain Sharp and Robert Eruera – the site would not have been possible without your efforts.

We’d like to thank the service delivery online project team – Sam Minchin, Katrina Baillie, Ben Yuan, Jo Lo, Keziah Singleton, Mandy Clark and Mischa Chaleyer-Kynaston – whose efforts made the site a reality.

Thank you Donald Kerr, who, for 14 years, worked as the Rare Books Librarian in the Sir George Grey Special Collections. An author, keen collector and passionate bookman, his input towards the collections has been invaluable.

We must pay our utmost respects to Paul Reynolds, who passed away suddenly in May this year and is greatly missed by the library community. Paul was a passionate advocate of modern web technology and the libraries has always valued his vision and friendship. The relationship with Paul goes as far back as a decade ago when Paul's web development company McGovern Online, which he shared with partner Helen Smith, was instrumental in developing the libraries’ first website in 1999. McGovern began work for the Grey  website in April 2010, and to everyone’s amazement, Helen and the rest of the team barely skipped a beat to complete the site despite Paul’s passing in May. Thank you Paul, Helen and McGovern Online for this wonderful legacy.
Last but not least, we must acknowledge that much of the information on this website is based on Real Gold: Treasures of Auckland City Libraries, authored by Auckland Libraries Manuscript Collections Librarian Iain Sharp and illustrated by Haruhiko Sameshima.