Manuscripts Online

Manuscripts Online is a database that consists of three digitised collections from the Sir George Grey Special Collections:

  • Grey New Zealand letters
  • Non-New Zealand Manuscript Collection 
  • New Zealand Manuscript Collection

This database lets you view and read Sir George Grey’s letters, sketches, diaries, personal papers and other documents. For example, you could peruse digitised copies of the beautifully written letters Grey’s niece, Zoe Thorne, sent to him in the late 1800s.

Other information and records within the database include:

  • Records of businesses, schools, churches and societies (e.g. George Courts Ltd, Auckland Provincial Council, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Mercury Theatre) 
  • Personal diaries, journals and papers (e.g. John A. Lee) 
  • Letters (e.g. James Busby, Samuel Marsden, Frank Sargeson).

Further material from Sir George Grey's papers will appear on Manuscripts Online as the digitisation project continues.