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How to cite content from Grey Collection: The Gift

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Bibliography citation style

Include the following five elements:

  • Auckland Libraries.
  • Title of the particular web article.
  • Name of this website.
  • Date you accessed the web article.
  • Website URL.


Auckland Libraries, ‘The evolution of the Grey Collection’, Grey Collection: The Gift, 2010.  


Individual item citation

If you are referring to an individual collection item, please use the citation attached to it (located under object images).


Charles Heaphy. Neche Cove, Nengone Loyalty Islands. Early 1850s. Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland  Libraries view object


Text citation style

Citing an entire website in the text of your article means you do not need to include it in your bibliography.


Grey Collection: The Gift ( is an excellent website for getting specific information about Auckland’s heritage materials.